Since more than one hundred years Maratta’s bakery in Subiaco, in the province of Rome, means high quality products. The bakery management has been handed down from father to son for four generations. It is specialised in natural sourdough bread production. Today the bakery is run by Marcello: for the past 60 years he has baked every single day fresh bread, pizza and many other delicacies, strictly following the hints and recipes inherited from the father and the grandfather. Marcello has transmitted his passion to the sons also. They now help him to manage the shop.

If you get into Maratta’s bakery, you can be absolutely sure to buy pizza, and other handmaded baked goods, prepared with natural ingredients only. The bakery is also specialized in the production of gluten-free bread (they gonna even have a proper  laboratory dedicated to it very soon).

The quality of the products of Subiaco’s Maratta’s bakery is attested not only by the number of customers witch is getting bigger and bigger year after year, but also by two very well know food guide such as Gambero Rosso and Slow Food.